Frequently Asked Questions

Rates for Counselling

  • Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or e-transfer at the time of your session.

  • Individual Counselling: The standard (1-hour rate) for individual counselling is $125.

  • Couples Counselling: The standard (1-hour rate) for couples counselling is $150.

  • Family Counselling: The standard (1-hour rate) for family counselling is $150.

  • Online Counselling: Inquire about these services.

  • Longer sessions may be available at an adjusted rate - please inquire.

Reduced rates may be available based on need. Contact me for more information. 


  • How long are sessions? - A standard session is 60 minutes (1 hour). 50 minutes for session, 10 minutes for processing and rebooking and session notes. Longer sessions may be available at an adjusted rate.

  • How frequent are sessions? - How often you wish to attend is up to you. Some clients like to begin with weekly and then switch to bi-weekly. Some clients prefer to start off bi-weekly and switch to monthly. Most times this decision is influenced on the presenting concerns.

  • Do you offer free consultations? - I do offer a brief (15-20 minute) phone conversation that gives you the opportunity to ask questions of me and my approaches, as well as for us to discuss your concerns and hopes for therapy.

  • What do I need to bring to session? - You don't often need to bring anything with you to session. You are invited to bring any items that may help you to feel calm, grounded, secure, or comfortable (i.e. colouring book, tension ball, journal, fidget spinner, etc). For your initial session it may be helpful to bring with you some thoughts for goals of therapy and approaches that you have tried in the past. There may be times when we decide on an activity to complete between sessions as well.

  • Are services covered through Health Plan / Insurance? - Unfortunately at this time they are not covered by OHIP. They may be covered by some insurance plans. Check with your insurance provider if they cover services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist, a Canadian Certified Counsellor. Please note that I am unable to direct bill your insurance. You are responsible for paying the session fee at the time of the session and I will provide receipts with my registration information for you to submit to your insurance to be reimbursed.

  • Is your office accessible? - The office space is fully accessible. The front entrance has automatic doors with no steps, and the building is all one level. There are accessible parking spaces. The building also has accessible, gender neutral washrooms.

  • What if we don't fit well together? - This is not something to be worried about telling me. Sometimes people just don't mesh well together. It is my goal to get you the services that you need. If you decided that I may not be the best therapist for you, I invite you to let me know. I will then provide you with a referral to another working professional that may fit better for you.